Everyone knows that storing and structuring documentation of any software project could be tedious. One should invest a lot of effort to keep a team’s knowledge-base in good shape. Having that in mind, Nots team analyzed our experience, and from the day one we made several handy ways to access the right doc: from code in a file through the directory structure; in a commit list for these types of docs; via “my notes” list, or with a help of bookmarks. But still, Nots lacked a high-level tool for shaping up documentation structure. And today, we’re excited to introduce an elegant instrument to solve this issue — Tags.
This year Lviv ITArena 2019 organizers kindly invited to participate in the startup competition. For us, this was challenging, jittery but also exciting and wising up. Here are some lessons we learned from visiting this awesome event and from taking part in ITArena pitch competition.
Oftentimes software development teams prefer to store their documentation in various online systems and knowledge bases. But this way lack of linking this information with the source code. To make more suitable for such use cases, we’re introducing our integration with Google Drive.
Now that you know how to add quick memos on, it’s time to get more from these notes you’re adding. We made them suitable for any kind of developers’ workflow: they could be just a short piece of text with a note to future self. Or an even bigger piece of well-formatted text for making specs and RFCs.
Once the project created, it’s now time to start adding documentation. As we mentioned in the previous posts, the major idea of Nots is to tie your docs to the source code. To make it easy to discover documentation from what every developer operate on an everyday basis — from the source code. Here’s how you can do it.
In terms of Nots, a single piece of knowledge, that added to the system, is represented as a note. A note could be a short text message, like a yellow sticky note on a whiteboard. Or a bigger article with rich-formatted text, links, attached images, and PDFs. Here’s a brief overview of the notion of notes.
Project is the central concept of Nots. This is the place where all the work happen. In this detailed guide we show you how to set up your first project, what options do you have and how to invite your teammates right away.
Some time ago our team quietly launched the beta of Here are a brief introduction and our motivation for doing this project.
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