Hello, World!
Hey everyone, welcome to Nots.io. My name is Point and I'm doing various software engineering stuff for more than a decade now. For a past few months, I had a free time to think about what is the most annoying thing that happens in my programmer's day-to-day life and what could make me be more productive. And my hunch is that I know the answer.

When it comes to small-to-medium engineering teams in startups and even in well-established companies, often there are lots of communication channels where decision-making process happens. This could be email threads, slack chats, internal messangers or phone calls. You name it. For a programmer, the single point of truth and the final result of all decisions and discussions is her code. When time flows, for me it's sometimes tough to get back to the code I wrote months ago. I have to recall what was the context back then and why particular function/class/package has this shape and does the things it does. Things go worse when a new member joins the team and she ought to communicate to the original author of some piece of code to get an idea of what happens here.

Having all that I thought: Well, it would be great to have some way to attach a small yellow sticky note to the code. So that I can make a brief record of what I do here, how we agreed on the solution, place an image/PDF/doc with a specification, or what was the Stack Overflow URL of this copy-pasted function smile But the main requirement is to get instant access to all this information directly from code. Also, it would be nice to have a hint when the code was changed a lot since the moment when note has been attached, and warn that sticky note is less relevant now (or even absolutely not relevant anymore).

This sounds like an idea for a startup, and there are no reasons not to try to build this tool. I suspect it will be a long trip with a lot of pitfalls and findings along the way. Me and our team gonna write into this blog about interesting stuff we stumble upon during this journey. So stay tuned, follow us on twitter, facebook and subscribe to email notifications from nots.io main page.